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Community Healing

Healing the individual and the community.

Al-Afia counselling services aims to not only support individuals with life and mental health concerns by providing therapeutic services. We also aim to bridge the gap that currently exists in understanding our mental health as part of our spiritual health, and by doing so make mental health tools more accessible.

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Community healing centers the often forgotten and in some cases silenced voices of people who view themselves first as spiritual beings. The community healing attempts to bridge the gap that currently exists for religious and racial communities who express a reluctance to access mental health services as they believe it doesn't cater or account for their spiritual, cultural, and racial needs. We also support individuals who have accessed mental health support and found that while they had a better understanding of some of their mental health concerns, their broader experiences of racism, anti-religion and discrimination remain unsupported. 


We also recognise the importance of community and understand that conversations around the individuals well-being needs to include the community. As such, within community healing, we ensure that the conversations around healing goes beyond the individual. We aim to ensure that your psycho-social spiritual health are part of how you engage with this healing space.

What we offer

Intentionally facilitatiting Healing 

  • How does community healing work?
    We attempt to address the mental health needs and concerns using a variety of methods. We provide groups, workshops, and work with community leaders and organisations to support the communities well-being. We aim to provide online courses over the next 6 months, so you can continue looking after your mental health at your own pace. We primarily attend to communities who express feeling underrepresented and under-served within the psychological field by validating and empowering them with the necessary tools.
  • Who is this service for?
    Individuals from religious and racial minorities who want their spiritual, cultural and racial needs to part of their mental health conversations and healing.
  • Who is this not suitable for?
    This is not suitable if you are currently experiencing any major mental health concerns and have not received the necessary one to one support.
  • Where do I start?
    It depends on what you are looking for, the groups are a good way to meet people on the same healing journey. The workshops are good as a starting point to help you address your mental health concerns. The courses (coming soon) work for people who are looking to address mental health concerns at their own pace.
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