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9. Questions to ask when deciding to attend couples therapy.

There is no perfect time to attend relationship therapy. The common misconception is that couples therapy is only suitable when the relationship is "failing". Though it is a helpful tool for a relationship in crisis, it is more than that. Relationship counselling is a wonderful and rewarding experience that fosters intimacy. I have listed some questions to help you get further clarity on deciding on couples therapy.

  1. What are we hoping to get out of couples therapy

  2. What do we need to consider when choosing a relationship therapist?

  3. What are our expectations of relationship therapy

  4. How long are we willing to commit to couples therapy?

  5. What is our budget for couples therapy?

  6. What are the concerns you have about going to couples therapy?

  7. What feelings come up for you about going to couples therapy?

  8. If we were to get what we were hoping for out of couples therapy, how would we know?

  9. Do you have any concerns about going to couples therapy?

Remember these questions are just to help you, do not feel like you need to have the right or perfect answers.

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