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Support group for women

Come spend 8 weeks with me (Abiola Muhammed) in a supportive and empowering circle of 8 women (18+). In this group we aim to connect and build supportive relationship with each other while discussing common experiences and learn coping mechanisms. This tools take into consideration your physical, emotional and spiritual health. This is a space where you get heard, validated, seen and offered new perspectives. We spend time getting a better understanding of your core values, emotions and relationship patterns. The aim of this group is to give you a new way to think about your relationship with yourself, your relationship with loved ones, and others. To challenge you to think about yourself in the wider community and to root it all in your relationship with God. This is to assist you in gaining further awareness and empowering you to live more clearly in your purpose. 

Start Date

30th October  2023


6:00 pm 
7:30 pm

Who is this for?

Please note


  • For women who are looking to better understand their whole self.

  • For women who want to be in a space where they feel heard and understood.

  • For women who are looking for a space where their spiritual self and religious considerations are part of how they understand their mental health. 

  • For women who are looking to meet other women who also think this is important. 

This is not suitable if you are currently experiencing an ongoing mental health crisis and it is not a replacement for therapy (one-on-one support). 

Sliding rate is offered based on individual circumstances.
However, due to demand, there can be a waiting list. Please email to determine if this is the best option for you. 
To support a loved one or anyone with group payment please visit the gift card page


  • Groups for Women

    Every week
    Valid for 8 weeks
  • Groups for Women

    8 weeks discounted package.
    Valid for 8 weeks
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